Paper Reader for Mobile Phones


Ever experienced reading research papers on your phone? It sucked, right? The phone screens are just too small for those magnificant pdf documents people worked so hard to format.

With this app, you could just put in the link to the paper you want to read, wait a little while for the app to parse the pdf document using some advanced text extraction algorithms from indico, and then read the paper like you are reading a normal article on your phone screen. To illustrate, you just went from this:

to this:

And of course, it comes in with the ability to adjust the font size and the background:


Here's a demo of how to basically use this app:

News & Updates

  • Sept 30, 2017: Indico engineers agreed to make changes to their APIs in order to support better image extraction and presentation. Excited! Will try to incorporate this change as soon as the new features are pushed!
  • Sept 29, 2017: Now you are able to view recently-visited documents without additional web requests. It's all stored in the app!
  • Sept 18, 2017: App released! Excited!


  • Indico's pdf_extraction API is used to extract all the texts from a PDF file.
  • This app is written using the Ionic Framwork.


I appreciate any suggestions! If you want a particular feature, please feel free to create an issue, and I'll address it ASAP!


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