EasyDraw: iPad-based Specialized Figure and Diagram Editing Application

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EasyDraw is an iPad-based specialized figure and diagram editing application. It is tailored specifically for people who have trouble performing advance gestures on touch screens. All drawing functionalities can be accessed with a simple gesture: tapping.

EasyDraw is created by Xieyang Liu, Hanling Yang, Saif Jilani, and Eric Kwon during a senior design course at the University of Michigan in Fall 2016.


Our customer Brad has been physically incapacitated and has very limited body mobility and challenged expression techniques. As an aerospace engineering student, Brad has found himself struggling with current available tools to draw professional figures and diagrams for his coursework. Therefore, we seek to develop a specialized figure & diagram editing application based on iPad to fulfill his wishes. The project can be easily adapted to accommodate the needs of people with similar disabilities. We aim to make this application a member of the assistive technology family.


Below is our proposed interface:


The different components in the interface is described in detail below:

  1. Buttons to move a certain object up/down/left/right.
  2. Canvas that the figures are created.
  3. Object panel that lists the potential choices of objects that might appear in the figure. Pressing each object will bring up more objects of the same type but slightly different shape.
  4. Color panel that defines the color of the current object.
  5. Back button that undoes the last step.
  6. Size and rotation panel that controls the size of the rotation of the selected figure.
  7. 2D/3D/Scientific figure/unit selection button that will enable switches between different figures available.
Note that the above design is expected to benefit Brad by providing him with ample choices of objects and the ability to adjust object shapes, positions, and sizes. Previously, such functions can only be realized using a mouse, or by directly drawing strokes on a touch screen, which is not feasible for Brad to accomplish.


We made it! We successfully transformed the above idea into reality!

Current Interface


Drawing Demo




  • We used Swift 3.0, the latest Swift release to develop our application.
  • The app is fully compatible with all iPads running iOS 10.0 or above.
  • The complete development folder can be found on Github.
  • We used Slack to facilitate our communications and development process.



Special thanks to:

  • Prof. David Chesney, EECS 481 Instructor, for providing valuable support along the semester.
  • Brad, our customer, for constantly providing constructive feedback and caring about our app.
  • The Team, for making this app possible.
  • EECS 481 teaching staff, for guiding us along the way.
  • Siying Feng, for always being the first to test our app out, and always always always being excited to draw awesome pieces of art using it with unbounded imagination and creativity.


© EasyDraw, 2016. All rights reserved.

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